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News — Weingut Gregor & Thomas Schätzle

Gault Millau: 3 grapes

The Fami­ly Viney­ard Schätz­le gene­ra­tes a consistent­ly high quali­ty for years with the clas­sic Burgun­dy varie­ties in the KIRCHBERG on the volca­no terraces of Sche­lin­gen. […] There­fo­re, we would like to grant the third grape out of respect for the genera­ti­on…

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This wine­ry belongs into the list of Best German Wine Produ­cers” Since many years we keep our posi­ti­on in the list of the best 300 produ­cers of Germa­ny.

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3 stars *** EICHELMANN

All [wines] are clear and fresh, combi­ning power and elegan­ce, our favo­ri­te is the Pinot Gris, that is enor­mously full-bodi­ed, grip­ping and lasting…” 3 stars in the EICHELMANN Wine­gui­de Germa­ny since 2014

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Best German Pinot Noir

The red Pinot grape, Queen of the German red wines, in some places it grows better than in Burgun­dy itself: 1st place in the FOCUS wine test for the KIRCHBERG Spät­bur­gun­der RS selec­ted from over 500 wines nati­on­wi­de…” Best Pinot Noir of the Show 2014 with 2012…

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Franziska Schätzle on the top

Germany’s young wine­ma­ker of the year 2009/2010 As the first woman ever Fran­zis­ka succee­ded in convin­cing the panel of experts and was appro­ved by the DLG-Jury for the young wine­ma­ker of the year award.  

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Wein­gut Gregor und Thomas Schätz­le
Hein­rich-Kling-Str. 38
79235 Vogts­burg-Sche­lin­gen
phone: ++49 7662–9461–0
fax: ++49 7662–9461–20

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8.00 bis 12.00 o’clock
and 13.30 bis 18.00 o’clock
Satur­day 9.00 bis 16.00 o’clock
Other times by appoint­ment.